With our roots in Manchester, the industrial heartland of Great Britain, we appreciate excellent design and engineering when we see it. Whether this is from the companies that we represent or indeed products that we design and manufacture in-house, we ALWAYS deliver quality products for professional marine end-users.

Stripping away the fabric from this RECARO seat or delving into a SolaCURE cassette reveals a quality of design and finely engineered components which provide the end-user with knowledge that the products we delivered are designed to last.


 introduction by peter jones, ceo the auxano group

“We are first and foremost a Company of Engineers”. 

friendly, well qualified staff are one of the key components to our success

cooperation with like-minded suppliers and clients leading to mutual benefits for all.

honesty, openness and transparency in all our interactions

“A client once asked me if I ever had time to sleep and of course, I do – rather well actually! He was of course referring to the fact that although Auxano cannot be regarded as a “multi-national” in the true sense of the word, we are a close-knit group of Partnerships, Associations and Dealerships covering most the the Northern Hemisphere from Japan to the USA.

I have long held the view that our growth and prosperity are dependent on three key factors. A happy, friendly workforce; mutual cooperation with like-minded Companies and Partners; giving our clients good advice and value for money.  

First and foremost, we are a company of engineers, bound by our interest to develop new products and find solutions that meet our client’s expectations. As we say elsewhere on these pages, no project is too big or too small – and my office door is always open”  Peter.

We are designers…

The process often starts with a sketch! But, of course, there are a wealth of CAD programs to hand to turn sketches into models and production drawings. We currently use AutoCAD, Inventor, Solidworks, Rhino and can accept virtually all drawing/model formats from our clients and partners. 

operator seats

Auxano Group are specialists in designing and building Operator Seats using RECARO

Custom blind solutions

Electric operation with remote control? Just one of the many challenges we have undertaken!

We are Research and Development & Production Engineers……..

Turning ideas and models into reliable products is where our Research and Development and Production Engineers come in. 3D printing has revolutionized this process to some extent but pre-production prototypes ready for rigorous testing to meet marine industry standards requires commitment, investment and engagement with Universities, Testing Stations and Certification Authorities.

…and Manufacturers

Most of our manufacturing is in-house in our factories in Manchester and Shanghai. In 2019/20 we moved all assembly to the UK and facing increased demand will be moving to larger premises in the next few years.

Sheet metal

We use laser and waterjet cutting to aeronautical standards to ensure tolerances are met and for optimum reliability.


Once components are modelled and strength analyzed we proceed to prototype modelling with 3D printers.


Large-scale production of, for example, propulsion shaft bolts are carried out by CNC machinery ensuring compliance with ultra-fine tolerances and 24 hour production if required.

case study

Operator seat for….

a UK crane supplier. Our design remit was to provide a versatile seat and importantly, allow easy access for maintenance engineers, to the cables mounted in to the arm. On the pictures shown, the right armrest had a removeable cover plate that provides this access.

The seat should be extremely versatile, in which the sitting height can be adjusted independently of the armrest height. Also, that the sitting position could be adjusted forward and aft, also independent of the armrest position and yet also slides forward / back, together with the armrest.

In a small space such as a crane cabin, one of the armrests needs to be able to rotate up through 90 degrees. This provides the operator with more space to exit the cabin.

One final addition was the inclusion of a sliding coffee cup holder, which can be seen on the right armrest.

Need Something More Custom? You Dream It, We’ll Build It. 

All Sola-CURE cassette blinds are made to customer measurements. Are the blinds hard to reach? – not a problem! 

Get in touch and we’re confident that we can find a solution for you. 

“I just had an idea that I wanted to use RECARO  for SMD’s ROV seats and gave Peter a call. He came up to visit us with his Design Engineer and they both took us through all the available options. A specification was agreed and I was very impressed with the speed that they were able to present us with a working prototype” – Dale, SMD 


The difference has been remarkable I’ve not had a migraine due to the glare since the blinds have been fitted. Where before we would hang something over the windows to kill the glare which would obscure the view we can now close all the blinds and still have vision through them which is a much safer option. The other owner/skipper Jon and myself think that the blinds are one of the best things we’ve fitted on the boat in the 4 years we’ve had her.”

“You guys were absolutely fantastic. During your three day visit, we learned so much about developments in marine seating in Europe, shock-mitigation, vibration research, HSC standards and the range of RECARO Maritime seats that are now available in South East Asia. I look forward to meeting you again in Manchester and continuing our relationship”  Zhao Rong: Shanghai MU

I have always been impressed with the quality of the blinds and in ten years, I can’t recall a single blind being delivered that wasn’t to drawing. Their staff are a delight to work with”.  Jørgen Jensen, DK

The Auxano Group has a global footprint but for every single customer we will do our best

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