The right RECARO

Choosing your RECARO Maritime seat could be just a matter of style or it could be because the seating on the vessel must conform to certain standards. What is the boat speed? How often is the seat used and by whom? Below is a quick guide.

Vessel speed?

All RECARO Maritime seats offer excellent side support to keep you in place in rough sea states. But, only some seats can be fitted with a four point belt – read below for more details.

leather or fabric?

Both are available as standard. Owner skippers prefer the feel of real RECARO leather but where price is the main critera for your choice, fabric is also a hard-wearing alternative




Our thoughts for the perfect seat

When we speak to visitors looking for a RECARO marine seat on an exhibition stand or dealing with RECARO Maritime seat enquiries on the phone, we nearly always spend as much time talking about the kind of vessel you have and your particular requirements rather than the seats themselves.

That said, the RECARO Maritime Northsea (also known as the RECARO Northsea) always attracts a lot of attention and the first seat that most people try. The Northsea in leather is the most popular skipperseat in the range with comfort levels to match its good looks. But the RECARO Northsea is more than a great skipperseat. The RECARO Northsea has also an HSC2000 Code certificate making it one of the most popular seats for high-speed ferries, SAR and Pilot Vessels when combined with the RECARO air suspension unit.

As a pleasure boat seat, the RECARO Northsea is easily customized with a range of leathers, vinyls and fabrics to match any taste – and all with the quality that the RECARO logo guarantees.

Obviously, the RECARO Northsea is not the only skipperseat or boat seat on offer! Here’s our selction of the three next most popular seats from RECARO.

Looking for the “traditional” RECARO style and a cost-effective workboat seat solution? Look no further than the RECARO Maritime Atlantic range (also known as the RECARO Atlantic). The RECARO Atlantic range of skipperseats and boat seats offers competitive prices without compromising comfort.

The RECARO Atlantic feels slightly wider than the Northsea but still offers loads of lateral support in rough conditions. The RECARO Atlantic X has an extendable seat cushion to support the legs of the taller skipper; the RECARO Atlantic LT has adjustable seat-back width and the RECARO Atlantic E has seat back angle adjustment at the touch of a button!

For high-speed workboats that demand good support for crew and passengers, the RECARO Solent is the optimum solution – and to reflect the popular demand, the most competitively priced RECARO Maritime seat.

Last but not least, for the ultimate in skipperseat comfort, check out the RECARO Maritime Caspian (also known as the RECARO Caspian) with electric adjustments with heating and ventilation.



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